Oct 19, 2018

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Oct 19, 2018

Hello Irena,

I am still so hesitant about my abilities ... But, I would like to start out with one pattern and order additional templates later on. I would also like to take advantage of your offer of a free 4th pattern. Is that an acceptable arrangement or must it be 3 patterns ordered all at once?

Thank you in advance for your reply ,


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  • Hello, I recently purchased the Parka Coat pattern. I printed the pattern using the at home printer method described in the instructions and pieced it together. The pattern is only for one side of the coat. Should I just use this one side for both a left and right front? So sorry if it is a silly question but I am used to sewing pattern and it is what I expected. Also, received instructions for a coat that is different from the pattern ordered. Are the instructions universal? Thank you!
  • Dear Irena, I have a question. If I use a thin layer of viscose fibres as a lining for the inside of the jacket then two layers of wool and some decoration on the outside, does this count as four layers and give even shrinkage? I've used it before but with rayon fabric (patchwork style) on the outside of the garment. I have the pattern ready to go! Can't wait to get started. Спасибо Gill
  • Hello Irena, I have seen you offer an online felt school, unfortunately I can not find the price or information on how it works and when it starts? Can you tell me more about it? Best regards, Bernadette

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