If you don't want to depend on other masters' pre-made dress templates - this class is for you.
I will teach you to build templates of any sizes for any body type and any hight. We'll be building an individual, unique dress template for a dress that fits YOU perfectly.
We'll start with "how-to" of taking your own measurements.
After this class you'll be able to create a NUNOFELT dress template, so it's perfectly ok if you have no previous experience in sewing.
This particular class demonstrates how to build a template for a long dress on a piece of plastic sheeting, such as ones sold at Home Depot.
Using the same technique you can easily build templates for tops or unique of any sizes to fit your individual body shape and size.

How will I get my tutorial/tutorials? 
Each tutorial is a large file (4-7GB) which will be sent to you in a pdf file with a link to download video into your PC or Mac.

Video Tutorial: Building s Template for the Nuno Felt Dress


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