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Irena Levkovich

Welcome to Wool Wonders

Great to see you here! Let me tell you a little about myself:

I am fiber artist and I am crazy about FELT!

The idea of creating clothes from the nature-born fibers, like silk and wool, is an extension of my philosophy :

to share with others the energy that I draw from the beauty of the world.

I always try to bring attention to the recklessness of our consumerist society. My motto is simple: Do No Harm.

My work combine two equally important concepts:

on one hand clothes must look beautiful, feminine and elegant, and on the other they must be comfortable to wear and produced with eco-friendly technology.

By combining these seemingly contradicting concepts, I try to create a unique, one of a kind product. I encourage women to make a step towards harmony with the world, the step that they can take without sacrificing their comfort or elegance.


There is no negative energy in my creations: eco-fur doesn't require slaughtering an animal - it is still out there, roaming around and will make many other people happy with clothes beautiful and warm. My clients are people, who choose to respect other living beings.

To feel that you are in a harmonious balance with your environment is an easy achievable pleasure. All you have to do, is to have in your wardrobe something, that keeps the warmth of caring hands and the beauty of the nature.

Irena Levkovich

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