I like to decorate my felted coats, dresses, jackets (on the top and sleeves) and even purses with this kind lovely ruffles! In almost every item you can find small or big, short or long, one or a couple of such interesting details! they look so great and it is so easy to make them. They add a feminine look and elegance - that is why I love making them! No another technique gives you such great and fast result as the felting technique! 

So in this Tutorial  I will demonstrate and give a description of how to make these ruffles on the example of a grey coat! You will see how to work with plastic resist, how to make the most complicated version- symmetrical ruffles and how to decorate them with other fibers, at which stage of the felting and layout you should make this kind of decoration to make your designs looks very professional. 
You can apply this knowledge in your future felting experiments and will have great results!

Here we go!


I continue sharing my methods with you, and this time I will focus on the technique of decorating the fronts of felt coats or jackets. I also use these elements for dresses/gowns and purses. I am so fond of these frills – moreover, it is quite easy to make them, as you will see/judge for yourselves. 


If you are a beginner, I would  recommend applying this technique (frills) at first to a felt purse or using it as an element for a dress or jacket, where frills need not be placed symmetrically. Both fronts and frills can go askew in the process of felting when the wool layout is not 100% uniform.  A symmetrical decoration is always more difficult to create than a more random ornamentation, which makes it easier to conceal differences or flaws and use them to the best effect later. Let us say that if plain sailing is not for you, then you will be interested in what I do. Well, let’s get started!


One-piece felted Frills/All-felt Frills, or Ruffs for decorating felt clothing


Irena Levkovich May 2016