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Jacket Layout Tutorial.jpg
Jacket Layout Tutorial.jpg

"How to make Seamless Jacket with Silk and Fleeces" 


VIDEO TUTORIAL in English "How to make Seamless Jacket with Silk and Fleeces" by Irena Levkovich

Introducing a new video tutorial: Creating a felt a jacket with silk lining and raw fleece decor using seamless technology.


The lesson is useful for both experienced felters and those without extensive experience. It covers each stage of production in great detail. The lesson demonstrates how to join hand-made woolen fabrics without seams, the tricks of working with dense garments, how to lay out the layers of wool fibers, which materials to choose

and how to work with raw fleece.


You will also learn how to felt in a roll and how to perfectly fit the garment to your unique measures.
I'll demonstrate how I work on a floor, a work surface no boundaries.
The technology is demonstrated on "Spring in Paris" jacket.


 "How to build the Template to  felted  Jacket" 


VIDEO TUTORIAL "How to build the template to seemless felted coat/jacket"in ENG


In this video tutorial using as example my seamless felted coat "Spring in Paris", I will show you how to build

a properly enlarged template. Using this video you can build a template to your own measurements

without special degree in tailoring.


You will also learn how to calculate the coefficient of shrinkage. Having this knowledge you can easily

experiment with different styles of jackets and coats!


You will learn a very important information - how to correctly build sleeve to create seamless felted garments

that are comfortable to wear. I will also show how I construct front parts and collar of the seamless coat.

il_570xN.843091856_eq4z (1).jpg

 "How to make nunofelt  Dress"




This video is for those you'd wanted to make a Nunofelt dress, while learning from an experienced master,

but could not find an opportunity to visit the workshop. 

The video tutorial is a recording of my webinar, where I demonstrate and explain the process of creating

a nunofelt dress, while making an actual dress live.

We begin with laying out the silk and work together all the way through to felting the garment. We'll learn

how to shape the garment to perfectly fix your shape. I'll let you in on my the secrets of trade,

which I've learnt over the years, including the "reverse layout".

This class is aimed at intermediate level of experience. If you're a beginner and had never felted a seamless

garment on a template, this video might be a little too challenging for you. In this case you're better off starting

with a beginners' lesson on making a felted transformer-skirt.


 "How to build the template to nunofelt  Dress"




If you don't want to depend on other masters' pre-made dress templates - this class is for you.


I will teach you to build templates of any sizes for any body type and any hight. We'll be building an individual,

unique dress template for a dress that fits YOU perfectly.
We'll start with "how-to" of taking your own measurements.


After this class you'll be able to create a NUNOFELT dress template, so it's perfectly ok if you have no previous

experience in sewing.


This particular class demonstrates how to build a template for a long dress on a piece of plastic sheeting,

such as ones sold at Home Depot.
Using the same technique you can easily build templates for tops or unique of any sizes to fit your

individual body shape and size.



"How to make Seemless Nunofelt Dress" in Russian"


Предлагаю Вашему вниманию долгожданный видео мастер класс по созданию Платья в технике

нунофелт в безшовной технологии.


Этот класс расчитан, на любого, кто увлечен войлоком или только собирается постичь этот

удивительный материал. Каждый найдет для себя множество ответов. Это запись моего урока со студентами, где я изготавливаю платье в «живом режиме».


На примере создания платья, чему я в этом видео классе буду Вас учить:
-строить выкройку на ЛЮБОЙ размер.
-Увеличивать на два!! коэфициента усадки
-для чего это надо и как этим управлять
-направление волокон ,схемы раскладки шерсти
-как подбирать шелк, куда какой лучше размещать
-невидимой шов- как его исполнить
-оформление краев изделия
-увалка. Сколько и как крутить в рулоне
-как ускорить процес притирки шелка к шерсти
-какие виды шерсти подходят для изготовления такого платья отличия в работе , в носке
-усадка изделия БЕЗ МАНЕКЕНА, на рабочем столе или полу, как работаю я
-секреты хорошей посадки изделия на фигуру
-вопросы студентов после занятия
на базе полученых знаний, Вы сможете делать платье любой длинны и строить самостоятельно

выкройки для любого силуэта.


Видео материал Вам передается в безсрочное пользование. Вы сможете останавливать ,

возвращаться к просмотру столько раз, сколько Вам будет нужно. Материал нельзя передавать

другому пользователю.



 "How to make Eco Fur Collars"


Video tutorial "How to make ECO FUR Collars" in ENGLISH


This video includes:
-Full version of my lesson on the creation of the eco fur collar. You will learn how to make two types of collars

including building of collar patterns. 
- Learn how to choose the right alpaca fur to create eco-fur;
- Find out what is “Alpaca Grade”, how to tell one from another and what kind of grades are suitable for

   this technique; 
- How to work with sheep fleece, creating eco fur in the same technique 
- Differences in using alpaca fleece and sheep fleece 
- Methods of decoration, how to make decorative ruffles out of silk fabric 
- Several types of collar felting 
- How to make a collar that will not shed fibers 
- Error correction

Once you complete the payment, I will send you a secure download link to the video file within 48 hours.
If you need this tutorial in Russian- please let me know about this



"How to make Peony Flowers with the help of resist"


VIDEO TUTORIAL in English "How to make Peony Flowers with the help of resist" by Irena Levkovich


Introducing a new video tutorial: How to make felted flowers with the help of plastic resist with curls.


I love the flowers! and I love to felt! So in my felting garments you can easy find a lot of felted flowers of

different colors and dimensions.

I am happy that I can teach you to make this beauty evergreen!)
I will show ( The technology is demonstrated on the green version of the peony flowers) how to create

nice flowers that could be brooch by itself or decorate some of your felting creations!


"How to build the template and make Seamless Felted Skirt with Frilles"


TUTORIAL in English "How to build the template and make Seamless Felted Skirt with Frilles"


In this tutorial I'll teach you how to recreate a skirt from my latest collection of “Entropy". In the video ( you can see two similar skirts in different colors, but they are made using the same technology:

This master class is designed for any level of expertise. It could be too detailed for more advanced felters, so I mostly recommend it to beginners: for those who never created a product on a template and never made a seamless garment.

I've described in great detail the technique of constructing patterns of any size. I will teach you how to calculate and apply the coefficient of shrinkage.

Based on the acquired knowledge, you can make a skirt of any complexity of any length and with or without an overlap.

This is a transformer skirt: it can be easily worn as a shawl. So you can easily used the acquired nunofelt technology to create shawls as well. 

This is not a video. It is illustrated document with comprehensive instructions.


"How to decorate Felted Garments with Seamless Wool Ruffles"


Tutorial in ENG "How to decorate Felted Garments with Seamless Wool Ruffles"


I like to decorate my felted coats, dresses, jackets (on the top and sleeves) and even purses with this kind lovely ruffles! In almost every item you can find small or big, short or long, one or a couple of such interesting details! they look so great and it is so easy to make them. They add a feminine look and elegance - that is why I love making them! No another technique gives you such great and fast result as the felting technique! 

So in this Tutorial  I will demonstrate and give a description of how to make these ruffles on the example of a grey coat! You will see how to work with plastic resist, how to make the most complicated version- symmetrical ruffles and how to decorate them with other fibers, at which stage of the felting and layout you should make this kind of decoration to make your designs looks very professional. 


You can apply this knowledge in your future felting experiments and will have great results!


"How to decorate your felting garment in

Tweed  Style"


Tutorial in ENG "How to decorate your felting garment in TWEED Style"


in this Tutorial you will have plenty of information about creating the unique surfaces in felting. Such as very interesting and stylish as "Tweed" . 


You will know:
- what yarn and fibers are good for this. 
- how to make felting process easy
- how to mix colors (during wool fibers layout)
- important advises how to make seemless garment with tthis kind of decoration


this technique is shown in the example of BLUE version of the coat. But you can apply this method to any felting garment such as dress, skirt, jacket and even pillow case)


"Video tutorial "How to make Patterns to laced felted Shoes" by Marina Klimchukow 


Video tutorial "How to make PATTERNS to laced felted SHOES" by Marina KlimchukT


This is very detailed video class by outstanding Ukrainian felted shoes maker Marina Klimchuk.


For the last 6 years she produced thousand felted shoes and boots.

Here she kindly shares this experience with us.


This video class was translated by Professional bilingual interpreter.


This video is the very first part of one huge (almost 5 hours of video shoe making class) 

il_570xN.895625371_nee3 (2).jpg
il_570xN.902003099_jzbb (1).jpg

"Video tutorial  "Layout of laced felted SHOES"  by Marina Klimchuk


Video tutorial "Layout of laced felted SHOES" by Marina Klimchuk in ENGLISH

In this tutorial she describes in great detail and shows a lot of professional techniques:

- how to make an even layout with carded wool
- how to properly felt proper to avoid ribs
- how to felt your shoes faster 
- what tools you can use to make felted shoes
- how to shape shoes with your hands only
and hundreds of others useful professional tips

When you buy this tutorial you will also receive BONUS video material:
How to install garment accessories to lace felted shoes and
How to shape shoes with the help of double seem!

il_570xN.902003755_5p8y (1).jpg

"Video tutorial "Sole Installation on felted Shoes and Final Shoes Modelling"+bonus materials  by Marina Klimchuk. 

Video tutorial "Sole Installation on felted Shoes and Final Shoes Modelling"+bonus materials in ENGLISH


In this tutorial she describes in great detail and shows a lot of professional techniques:

-how to install sole to felted shoes
-what materials you have buy
-what for you have to felt show in 2 stages
and hundreds of others useful professional tips you can find short promo video


" Вебинар. Как получить хорошую фотографию. Свет. Кадрирование. Обработка" 


Длительность видео 3часа 40мин.

доп материал к /watch?v=bpOnLexYwrA (хорошая помощь в освоении ручных настроек)
Встречаются два фотографа. Один другому: ты знаешь, я женился!-Как жена, красивая?
-Нуу, ты знаешь, КАК СВЕТ ПОСТАВИТЬ..
мой любимый фотографический анектдот) Предлагаю Вам большой урок (вебинар от 26марта) по обучению фотографированию. Так вот, половина материала- анализ свето-теневого "рисунка".


Изложила весь свой 15ти летний практический опыт как фотографа. Мало кто знал, что я не только люблю валять, но и очень люблю фотографировать сама. Все фотографии в этом магазине сделаны разными людьми, что их объединяет- это не только модель, но и то, что все технические настройки камеры, поиски натуры, световые схемы я выстраивала сама. Здесь я щедра на советы для портретной фотографии, фешн фото, для производства макро сьемки даю рекоммендации какие как и чем лучше снимать пейзажи. город. Помагаю разобраться в терминологии фотографов. Проф минимум. что необходимо найти в инструкции к Вашей камеры, чтобы зделать качественную фотографию. 
Детально рассказываю на своих работах, что именно придает кадру диннамику и что общего между картинами великих художников и просто удачными фотографиями) в общем очень много разной полезной и незаменимой информации впитанной мною из многих- многих источников и пропущенной через собственный опыт. 
Рассмотрим несколько осветительных схем. Что такое "высокий ключ". как снимать мужские портреты. Как правильно подобрать "экспозицию". что такое "композиция" кадра. Возможные форматы съемки. зачем это. Рассуждаем на тему- что купить. на чем можно сыкономить. Стоит ли покупать технику на вторичном рынке. 
Также Вы можете купить в приложении к этому вебинару урок по работе в программе Фотошоп. где я на протяжении 40 минут показываю простые инструменты, которые я всегда использую обрабатывая любой кадр. Ретушь (убираем временные дефекты-прыщики, синяки, шрамы, ненужные тени), коррекция цвета, фильтры, уменьшаем для монитора, увеличиваем четкость, размыливаем" ненужное. В общем, если Вы совсем не умеете использовать фотошоп- незаменимый материал. в комплекте с этим вебинаром он стоит 10 дол. Купив эти уроки- Вы получаете ссылку на просмотр. можете просматривать сколько угодно раз и в своем темпе обучаться с удовольствием.

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