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"Billy Goat Hat' Video tutorial in 2 parts

"Billy Goat Hat' Video tutorial in 2 parts


Easy and fun project, great for advanced creative people who knows something about felting! 

in 5 hours you can make this fun hat for you or as a perfect gift to your friends or kids! 

Detailed video with my voiceover in English!

 In this almost 2hours long video class you will learn:


-how to layout merino wool, viscose fibers  to create soft, flexible felted hat 

-how to make 3D Volume with the help of resist

-Decorate with curls and fleeces and create eco fur surfaces

-easy way to shrink in open roll

-how to make horns and ears))

-how fast and easy attach to the hat!


KIT with All fibers that you need to make 1 hat you can find here:


This video contains 2 parts. 

You can download into your PC and watch it as many times as you wish.


You can buy a Kit with ALL nessesary fibers: viscose fibers and fleeces to make the project at home.

in Natural colors. 


  • MP4 Video File

    Download and Unzip the file. Play it with a media player of your choice.

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