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Felted Bolero "White Fantasy with Ruffle and Flowers"

Felted Bolero "White Fantasy with Ruffle and Flowers"


This bolero-cape was hand-made by me in a wet felting technique, made with natural silk and the softest wool.

I think its perfect and necessary accessory if you plan your wedding not in Summer! it will keep you warm and add more charm and elegance to your special day. What I like even more about it - that you can wear it all your life after with cocktail dresses , it will help you look even more beautiful and feel you with sweat memories of those days...

as this bolero is seamless - you can wear it to both sides! the other side contained more hand dyed silk by me with the help of coffee - the color is more warm (with golden tint)   

Please order in advance - 1 - 2 month in advance



Model: Liudmila Vieri Hodge


Irena Levkovich


Irena Levkovich

XS- XXXL size available!

35% natural silk, 75% extra fine merino wool



  • Want to buy Enlarged PDF Template?

    Get it here in XS-3XL sizes!

    You WON`T NEED TO ENLARGE THIS TEMPLATE! it is already done in your size and ready to use!

    All instructions included (how to print the template at the regular home printer, my advice about selecting the best type of silk and wool, quantity, and my recommended schemes of layouts. You will also get a description of how I made this item.
    Everything, that you need to have a few days of the creative process. )

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