This video is for those you'd wanted to make a Nunofelt dress, while learning from an experienced master, but could not find an opportunity to visit the workshop. 
The video tutorial is a recording of my webinar, where I demonstrate and explain the process of creating a nunofelt dress, while making an actual dress live.
We begin with laying out the silk and work together all the way through to felting the garment. We'll learn how to shape the garment to perfectly fix your shape. I'll let you in on my the secrets of trade, which I've learnt over the years, including the "reverse layout".
This class is aimed at intermediate level of experience. If you're a beginner and had never felted a seamless garment on a template, this video might be a little too challenging for you. In this case you're better off starting with a beginners' lesson on making a felted transformer-skirt.

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Attention! Woolwonders LLC and Iryna Levkovich take no responsibility for any damage or injuries occurred due to improper or unsafe use of any tools used in this lesson(senders etc.) A student takes full responsibility for proper and safe use of tools and familiarizing her/himself with manuals and safety guides.

(ENG) VIDEO "How to make nunofelt DRESS"


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