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Grey French Beret "Elegant Grey"

Grey French Beret "Elegant Grey"


With berets being back in style, you’ll want to get yourself one too. But which one should you choose from the sea of lookalikes?


We’ve got you (quite literally) covered. Our black beret made from thick wool is the perfect accessory that goes with every outfit. A bonus - it keeps your head warm. 


If you’re striving to look good and stay cozy this winter, this is the beret for you. Pair it with your warmest gloves and you’re all set for a cold winter day.

this beret is 2 sided. You can wear like that or turn the beret over on the other side to have more traditional look! 

Each item here is hand made. 

70%extra fine merino wool , 30%silk 

4 days for production 1-3 days of delivery 

pictures by Viktoria Naifeh

make up Margarita Zorkina



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