Introducing a new video tutorial (for Digital Download): Creating a felt a jacket with silk lining and raw fleece decor using seamless technology.
The lesson is useful for both experienced felters and those without extensive experience. It covers each stage of production in great detail. The lesson demonstrates how to join hand-made woolen fabrics without seams, the tricks of working with dense garments, how to lay out the layers of wool fibers, which materials to choose and how to work with raw fleece.
You will also learn how to felt in a roll and how to perfectly fit the garment to your unique measures.
I'll demonstrate how I work on a floor, a work surface no boundaries.
The technology is demonstrated on "Spring in Paris" jacket.

Once you complete the payment, I will send you a secure download link to the video file within couple days.

Legal notice.
Only proceed if you agree with the following statement:
Attention! Woolwonders LLC and Iryna Levkovich take no responsibility for any damage or injuries occured due to improper or unsafe use of any tools used in this lesson (including, but not limited to wooden block, glue, hook, finishing sander etc.). A student takes full responsibility for proper and safe use of tools and familiarizing her/himself with manuals and safety guides.

Video Tutorial "How to make JACKET with Silk&Fleeces"


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