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Kit for Jacket "Spring in Paris (green)" (with instructions)

Kit for Jacket "Spring in Paris (green)" (with instructions)


Thank you for buying the kit!

You will receive a package containing wool, silk and other materials needed for creating this unique item. In addition you will need to aquire a template of your size, and felting tools described in the attached instructions or the tutorial.

The manual included with the kit contains a detailed discription of how I made this item.


You're buying everything you need to have a few days of creative porocess. )



Legal notice.
Only proceed if you agree with the following statement:
Attention! Woolwonders LLC and Iryna Levkovich take no responsibility for any damage or injuries occured due to improper or unsafe use of any tools used in this lesson (including, but not limited to wooden block, glue, hook, finishing sander etc.). A student takes full responsibility for proper and safe use of tools and familiarizing her/himself with manuals and safety guides.

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