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Poppy Flowers Bouquet Kit + Free Class

Poppy Flowers Bouquet Kit + Free Class


KIT FOR Ruffle Scarf with ExtraFineMerino+all decorative  fibers that you need to produce this beautiful bouquet!

This Bouquet can be as a brooch, or you can have it like necklace or even part of your shoes decoration)

 Includes everything you need in order to make this unique accessory for yourself or as a present for your best friend, sister, mother. Amazing activity with your kid.

Only the highest quality wool, fibers and fabric were selected for this kit.



All you will need to have in your home- are small piece of bubble rap and soapy water! And Only in a couple of hours you can produce this beautiful handmade piece!

in one kit it`s enough merino fibers for 2-4 bouquets like this!

I have free class - how to make this unique flowers. Check it please here below/ in the Tutorials section/ or on my youtube channel!

Enjoy please) and put likes if you want more classes like this)



Color: red poppy flower
  • Poppy Flowers: Video Tutorial Supplement for KIT

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