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Felted Dress "Shimmers on the Sand" Template in XS-XXXL

Felted Dress "Shimmers on the Sand" Template in XS-XXXL


You can order the dress template+Instructions with Instant Download in XS-XXXL if you inspired by this dress. 

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your spring wardrobe for some time now, we’ve got the right piece of outerwear for you to jumpstart the process.

Designed to boost confidence and turn heads, this handmade seamless dress is meant to lift your spirits and make you want to show up as your best self day in and out.


You WON`T NEED TO ENLARGE THIS TEMPLATE! it is already done in your size and ready to use!

All instructions included (how to print the template at the regular home printer, my advice about selecting the best type of silk and wool, quantity, and my recommended schemes of layouts. You will also get a description of how I made this item.
Everything, that you need to have a few days of the creative process. )



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