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Tutorial "How to build the template and make Seamless Felted Skirt with Frilles"

Tutorial "How to build the template and make Seamless Felted Skirt with Frilles"


In this tutorial I'll teach you how to recreate a skirt from my latest collection of “Entropy". In the video ( you can see two similar skirts in different colors, but they are made using the same technology:

This master class is designed for any level of expertise. It could be too detailed for more advanced felters, so I mostly recommend it to beginners: for those who never created a  product on a template and never made a seamless garment.

I've described in great detail the technique of constructing patterns of any size. I will teach you how to calculate and apply the coefficient of shrinkage.

Based on the acquired knowledge, you can make a skirt of any complexity of any length and with or without an overlap.

This is a transformer skirt: it can be easily worn as a shawl. So you can easily used the acquired nunofelt technology to create shawls as well. 
This is not a video. It is illustrated document with comprehensive instructions.

Buyers can download these files as soon as they complete their purchase.

Legal notice. 
Only proceed if you agree with the following statement:
Attention! Woolwonders LLC and Iryna Levkovich take no responsibility for any damage or injuries occurred due to improper or unsafe use of any tools used in this lesson (including, but not limited to wooden block, glue, hook, finishing sander etc.). A student takes full responsibility for proper and safe use of tools and familiarizing her/himself with manuals and safety guides.

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