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Video Tutorial: Super Light Art Scarf

Video Tutorial: Super Light Art Scarf


Nearly two hours of step-by-step instructions on creating the Light Art Scarf using author's unique technology.


I will teach you how to quickly and efficiently create this felted scarf.

You will get the detailed explanation of layout and tips on choosing right materials.

You will also learn about pecularities of filting in various types of fibers and discover how to choose the right sequence of laying out your materials.


The technology we'll use is equally useful for both a novice felter and an experiensed crafter. 

Special attention is paid to "post production" - the finishing touches so important for every hand-made product.


You will also learn the amount of fibers of different kind you would need to create this accessory.


Video shot with two cameras, which creates a feel of real presence.


The scarf that i'm making for you is Pink and White but you're free to choose your own colors for this project just stick to technology.


You can also order kits containing all necessary materials to create this scarf (three color combinations available). The kits include all merino wool, locks, silk etc.  $39.99

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