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Video Tutorial: Felted Shoes

Video Tutorial: Felted Shoes


This is very detailed video class by outstanding Ukrainian felted shoes maker Marina Klimchuk.
For the last 6 years she produced thousands of felted shoes and boots. 
This video class was translated into English by a professional interpreter.
This video class is nearly 5 hours long 
It shows how to make two kinds of patterns (for ballet shoes and laced shoes), how to calculate shrinkage and what is important to know during modeling. 

It displays various vital techniques:

- how to make an even layout with carded wool
- how to properly felt to avoid "ribs"
- how to felt your shoes faster 
- what tools you can use to make felted shoes
- how to shape shoes with your hands only

- how to install sole to felted shoes
- what materials you have buy

and hundreds of others useful professional tips.



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