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Video tutorial "Layout of laced felted SHOES"

Video tutorial "Layout of laced felted SHOES"

This is a very detailed video class by outstanding Ukrainian felted shoes maker Marina Klimchuk. For the last 6 years she produced thousand felted shoes and boots. Here she enthusiastically shares her experience with us.
This video class was translated by Professional bilingual interpreter.
This video is the second part of one huge (almost 5 hours of video shoe making class) 

In this tutorial she describes in great detail and shows a lot of professional techniques:

- how to make an even layout with carded wool
- how to properly felt proper to avoid ribs
- how to felt your shoes faster 
- what tools you can use to make felted shoes
- how to shape shoes with your hands only
and hundreds of others useful professional tips

When you buy this tutorial you will also receive BONUS video material:
How to install garment accessories to lace felted shoes and
How to shape shoes with the help of double seem! you can find short promo video

Legal notice. 
Only proceed if you agree with the following statement:
Attention! Woolwonders LLC and Iryna Levkovich take no responsibility for any damage or injuries occured due to improper or unsafe use of any tools used in this lesson (including, but not limited to wooden block, glue, hook, finishing sander etc.). A student takes full responsibility for proper and safe use of tools and familiarizing her/himself with manuals and safety guides.

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