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Almost ready to my Thursday`s show) I will be happy to see all my friends there!

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15 December 2016 г. в 18:30 - 23:00 EST

через 2 д.

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The Event Space

641 S St NW, Washington 20001

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December 15

BKE 2 Year Anniversary- Winter fashion Show

We are excited to celebrate our two year anniversary with our close friends, loyal following, and partners. We invite you to join Events. BKE on Dec 15th. We have an awesome treat for you as we present the new winter collection for "woolwonders” by Irena Levkovich along with live musical performances and a live art show by Vian Borchert Fine Arts About Irina Levkovich Eco-Fashion has come a long way in recent years with major designers recognizing an emerging market and demand for clothing that is both eco-friendly and stylish. Gone are the days of plain, simple designs and rough, scratchy feeling materials. In are the visually appealing, elaborate designs and svelte, comfortable feeling materials that today’s consumers expect. Previously, eco-minded consumers that made a decision and commitment to live according to their values had limited choices for clothing. Clothing made from sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics and materials, such as hemp, were course feeling, often times heavy and lent themselves to very simplistic designs with limited color choices. Thankfully, due to demand and technological advances, a large selection of eco-friendly fabrics is available in many vibrant colors and prints. Far from being uncomfortable many of these fabrics are light-weight, have a luxurious, comforting feel and are durable. A few examples: organic cotton, silk (peace or vegan), bamboo, lyocell, soy fabrics, hemp, cashmere, linen, wool, eco-fur, alpaca, polyester (made from recycled materials) More fabric and material choices offer clothing designers many options to choose from for their clothing lines and they are using these to create modern, chic outfits that are stylish, comfortable, durable and ecologically sound. A rise in consumer demand has drawn the attention of well-known and boutique designers alike and there are more options than ever before for the eco-minded consumer. One such designer, Irina Levkovich, is featured in the photos accompanying this article. She is very passionate about her designs and selective of the fabrics and materials that she uses. Irina’s designs are hand-made, unique pieces that she enjoys a special connection with, spinning much of the wool and silk and weaving it into fabric for use in her creations herself. While you may still need to shop around to find a distributor that carries eco-friendly clothing it is becoming more available in the marketplace, both online and in retail stores. However, bear in mind when shopping for eco-friendly clothing that you need to conduct your own research or shop at a reputable eco-friendly store to ensure that the final product meets your standards. Rejoice that you no longer have to sacrifice comfort or style to go eco-friendly in your clothing choices. If you have never considered eco-friendly clothing before give it some consideration now. You can have a positive impact on your surrounding environment and look fabulous at the same time. About Vian Shamounki Borchert Vian Shamounki Borchert is an award winning contemporary artist who has shown both internationally and nationally in many group and solo exhibitions. The National Gallery of Art in Amman, Jordan and The Jerusalem Fund Gallery, Washington, DC have her artwork in their permanent collection. Vian is a graduate from The Corcoran College of Art and Design, Washington, D.C. and has a Master Web Design degree. We hope to See you on December 15th and come celebrate with us. Cheers to another successful year and happy holidays! ..................................................................................................................................................................... Attire: Fashionable cocktail 18 plus to enter (if you are under 18,must be accompanied by a guardian) All ticket sales are final

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