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Design Your Life With Katya Avdeev Ep 3, with wool artist Irena Levkovich

Here is my new episode, with a friend and very talented wool artist Irena Levkovich. You will see her beautiful studio, cool tools and she will even show us how to make a flower for my DIY lovers.

This week on "Design Your Life with Katya Avdeev" we are visiting an awesome art studio of my friend and fantastic artist Irena Levkovich! I was beyond excited to learn from the best. A few years ago when I was a stay home mom and didnt have my brand yet, I saw Irena's work online I was so amazed by the cool things she can do and I started following her and admiring her talent. And then last year she reached out to me asking if she can come to one of my fashion shows. I responded something like " Sure, here is date and time", but I was seriously jumping from excitement and couldn't believe that she even knew who I was let alone wanted to come see my show. Now we just laugh about how we met, and I am still one of Irena's biggest fans! For this episode she kindly allowed us to come to her studio and see how she works, how raw wool and silk fibers become beautiful one of a kind garments.

Enjoy watching)

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